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Posted by bhebhe on September 28, 2012 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

NANAY : Ang Ten Commandments ay ang sampung utos ng Diyos…

ANAK : Mas makapangyarihan po’ pala kayo kesa sa Diyos, nay !

NANAY : Bakit naman anak?

ANAK : Mas marami po’ kayong utos sa akin eh….


Posted by bhebhe on September 28, 2012 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

BOYFRIEND : May ibibigay akong gift sa iyo, pero hulaan mo!

GIRLFRIEND : Sige, clue naman…

BOYFRIEND : Kailangan ito ng leeg mo…


BOYFRIEND : Hindi, …Panghilod ! !

The Caravan of The Witches

Posted by jaymza on September 26, 2012 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (6)

Woosshhh!! Woshhh!!

Bells and brooms, sticks and charms…

Spell the beauty act like a magical ugly

Where when happiness is on the end-tip of spell belly

Look the crystal encourages my soul, take my breath and see my spirit.


Wooooo, wooooo, wooo

The witches then shouted, as prince of darkness staring at the princes of witches,.

Side by side long line edge, the witches and the prince are enemy long time headed


Prince!! I’m just a prince,..

Carols of sweet songs, love of heart beats, breath as I felt and beauty you deserve is my passion and great.

My King’s destruction to fight witchcraft along

He killed the white horses

And to blame is the witches

Where they are not belong

By his men and sack of grenade

Whatever spells you may take

His wound will be heal your poison has antidote

No one can take my King’s happiness

For what he know


Witches end up the life of her Queen


To escape by his provisions is not his word

For my King knows how to pronounce your scheme

He curses you with alert and scared…


We will never loss

We will never loss

Take my soul God of darkness

Give me the brain of these witches

That takes my heart and soul

That grab my protrude ambition

Diminish my gratitude and seemingly place me to comfort piles of twigs but in a dry Tree…


From now on, you are my master and I am your slave, my duty is to defeat those witches that hastening me upward….


Listen to the music of the witches…

Uhh,..hahahaha,.. uhh,.. hahahaha


Hold my wand Utter the spell

Not so dim, not so clear, not so bad but very tearful helpless soul,.

An aged face wearing black robes walking in a path

Holding a broom, and wand a stick that the spell travels alone

A walled closet of food watching and fearing place

The trembling nerve is ended,..



Witches are friend,. They meet people they owned they stoop…

They gave but they marry and start a new raise

They find a lady, they took the men…

They shout….they stout,

Unselfish love from one path to another

Then the poor witches they’ve been used by people…


They were abandoned, they were abolished

They kill the witches and buried in vein

The last number of curse and spells no to human is affected…


And the rise of the witches locking not to be harm by the King,. Which the king is inherited by the soul of darkness


Bird sang,. Forest crawls, darkness rises

Witches falls…


The melody

The melody

Woooply,, witchly ,..

The bell rang, the fight began

Take the spell

Take the spell

Arise the darkness and let them feel

The blood flood in the field the eye blind at is

And all of the charms from witches, and all of the treasures from them, make it dust make them my slave,..


As beauty of the princess, take her robe and disguise as lady of darkness,.. for she may offer her blood than to see her nation being grafted.

Forgive me my nation, if I doubt my creator but I will defeat the wrong way of the King


The king’s eye were blinded and his men shouted

The king is blind

The king is blind

Take the sword, of the king beheaded him

He is a traitor for he kills his own kind….


The men shouted

The traitor is the king

The traitor is the king

The blood of the witches in his vein flowing

The heart of the witches in his body is crawling

The traitor is the king

The traitor is the king


The caravan of the witches scattered in the Kingdom

They wear black robes, they crumpled their hair, their lips are black and their eyes are red,.. nails of a fingers can harm, but what they are in humans eye is not they were inside…


Speak the spell

Speak the spell

Speak the spell

Take my broom

Curse ye coward Prince

Witches had won, crown had drawn


Far away to begin the journey of the prince

Travelling and surfing the fence

Seeing the princes of the witches

He tour from the wood gate to the entrance hall

When the houses choke us and great books bore us

While he watch the high road

And at the sky, where stars are twinkling and the moon is smiling


While he watch the clouds in amazing grandeur

Roll their legions without rain

Over the blistering terrace of the princess

He sits by a milestone

And watch the sky

The Love of the Prince to the princes goes by


The caravan of the witches began

While apprentice dance on a fire

Cursing a man who fall inlove with a witch

Crunching his skin with bullets

The witches is dancing

The witches is dancing

Curse you man that inloved with a witch

Your raise will not trap us, your raise will not slave us

Your soul will remain your life will still

But you think not so wise even know who you are

Go away wise man, let them know what you see


The prince see the curse

The witches hated the men involved with the witches

The take his promises to fight against his willingness

To love has no limitation

To care without raise know functions


Gather all men and horses

Take away swords and spells

Show off our faces to this vulnerable witches

Let them see, we men doesn’t take for granted

To the caravan of the witches

To the caravan of the witches


I am rail of long train journey

The roots of a big black tree living for innocent sense of neutrality

The borderline of huge number of markings

That dictates and whisper then whisper the lady of ceremony

Indent the page of new beginning

Don’t put breaks and orients each feels

Color the day, define my way send it back and pray for me I position the most granting frustration

Blasting the whispers of the morning dumb

Draw me near the snow, curse up and let them know


Gather all men

Take their swords

Speak to me witches

Curse me with your spell

Let me feel like a skinned fish in a bunch

Show the Caravan wake-up and spoke to the battle on forth

Restore the power of humanity

Show the active effort of vitality



From the wind


Whisper, whisper, whisper and listen

Customized the bearing, leave your thoughts and bring ye love

Side by side, order your fellows at my words finish these endeavor

Hark to the lady of beauty in the midst of the witches

Allow me in stepping In your kind and puzzled world

Reckless sighs of warriors and hunters

Were love doesn’t ended and world changes with a bud of a rose…….


Abakada to ABCDE

Posted by bhebhe on September 22, 2012 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Isa pang bagong saltang Pinoy sa Amerika ang gustong mag-long distance sa Pilipinas at dinayal yung "0 for Operator".


Operator: AT&T. How may I help you?


Pinoy: Heyloow. Ay wud like to long distans da Pilipins, plis.


Operator: Name of the party you're calling?


Pinoy: Ah, yes, tenkyu. Da name of my calling is Elpidio Abanquel. Tenkyu.


Operator: Please spell out the name of the person you're calling phonetically.


Pinoy: Ummm.. What is foneticali?


Operator: Please spell out the letters comprising the name a letter at a time and citing a word for each letter.


Pinoy: Ah, yes, tenkyu. Da name of Elpidio Abanquel is Elpidio Abanquel. I will spell his name foneticali. Elpidio: E as in Elpidio, L as in lpidio, p as in pidio, i as in idio, d as in dio, i as in io and o as in o.


Operator: Sir, can you please use English words.


Pinoy: Ah, yes, tenkyu. Abanquel: A as in Airport, B as in Because, A as in Airport agen, N as in... Enemy, Q as in... Cuba, U as in... Europe, E as in... Important and L as in... Elephant.




Baby or a Monkey?

Posted by bhebhe on September 22, 2012 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (3)

Carrying her newborn in her arms, Joan got on the bus. The driver said,


Driver: "That's the ugliest baby I've ever seen!":o


Joan slammed her money into the fare box and took a seat at the rear of the bus.


The passenger next to her asked what was wrong.


Joan: "The bus driver was rude to me!":mad:


Passenger: "That's outrageous! He shouldn't be

insulting passengers."


Joan: "I think I'll go up there and give him a piece of my mind."



Passenger: "Good idea... I'll hold your monkey for you.":roll:


Posted by jaymza on January 2, 2011 at 3:43 AM Comments comments (1)

RAFONSWITE (Rafonsil and Snow White) Narrator : Noong unang panahon, in a far away land!! My dalawang magkapatid na Snow White at Rafonsil; ngunit pinaghiwalay sila ng kanilang step-mother na si Inang Mangkukulam para masolo nito ang kahariang nakahanda para sa mag kakapatid. Si Rafonsil ay ikinulong sa isang malaking tore at si snow white naman ay itinapon sa gubat kasama ang pitong duwende. Scene 1 (Si Rafonsil sa Tore) Inang Mng : Rafonsil!! iha, malapit na ang kabilogan ng buwan?hehehehee Rafonsil : wee?di nga!! Natural bilog talaga yun,,hindi yunn eesquare!! Anu bah? Inang Mng : Tumahimik ka, sa oras na bibliog ang buwan mapapasa akin na ang kahariang eto..wahahaha, mamamatay kayo ni snow white!! Ahahaha? Rafonsil : Asa kappa!! Sino ba bida ditto?? Diba kami?? Duhhh?common sense Inang Mng : Quite!! Sige na rafonsil ang buhok ay ilugay at ang nanay ay sasakay!! Akoy aakyat na sa ating bahay?. Rafonsil : Hay!! Oh ayan?go, go, go! Inang Mng : Ouch!! Dahan dahan (aakyat si inang Mng ngunit my napadaang?) Isdaero : isda, barungoy, alloy, tamban, sap-sap!! Bakal ka chay?? Barato lng ni oh, 4 baynte, my libre pana nga 2 kabilog lub-ok, gusto mo join kapa sa amun promo, buy 1 take 1,.. bakal ka ulo pa aman ikog?anu pa chay!!! Bakal na?.my ara man kami special offer my pa raffle, once mabakal mu nga isda luto na my free ka pa nga isa ka balde nga himbis sa first prize kag isa man ka balde nga hasang sa 2nd Prize, cge na bakal na yawat pana sa inyo nga kuring!! Inang Mng : Ahhhhhhh?.layas!! hindi ko kailangan ang isda mo!! Baboy ang kinakain ko!! Hotdog at de lata?layas!! Isdaero : Heh! Kung indi ka magbakal hipus ka lang indi ky mapadayaw kapa!! Ambisyosa!! Itsura mo na daw gin dumog sang pito ka amo kag gin labugay sang pulo ka kabayo?.!!! Hm? Rafonsil : yan kase bakit sa damu ng lugar na pwede nating pag landingan ditto pa tayo sa Southbend!! Yan ngayon,..kita mo oh daming tao?manonood ng Mr. & Ms. paragon (habang nagsasalita ay papasok naman ang baliw) Inang Mng : Eh ditto ang mas maganda!! Tahimik kana dyan aakyat na ako baka may makakita pah? Baliw : Ikaw!! Ikaw ang aking anak?anak!! Matagal na kitang hinahanap,..anak (tumangis) Inang Mng : Bitawan mo ako,?uhh. Baliw : (galit) ikaw!! Ikaw ang pumatay sa anak ko!! Mamamatay kah!! Mamamatay ka?ikaw?.ahehehehe,, sory ha!! Kala ko tao eih,,,isa ka palang tiyanak na laruan?hehehehe? pa sensya nah? Inang Mng : Umalis kana!! Baliw : OK go!! Don?t touch me?. Inang Mng : uhhhhh?..ayoko na!! aakyat natalaga ako?uhhh (my padaang bike at nabangga si Inang Mangkukulam) Binata : Hi ganda!!, ahh,, ehh, bago kaba rito?? Inang Mng. : Hindi!! Matagal na kami ditto?waaa Binata : huh?? Ahhh?.asawang!!! Inang Mng : Nakakainis ang lugar nato? Rafonsil : Ay naku?bat kase kailangan pa ang buhok ko para makapasok ka ditto e bukas naman ang pintuan oh!! Inang Mng : Ahh?ehh,, Oo nga no,, so sa pinto nalng ako papasok??!! (nakapasok na at kasama si Rafonsil) Binata : Ahhh?eehh, teka lang may nakalimutan ako, Anu pala ang pangalan mo?? (binuhusan ng tubig) Inang Mng : uhhh?.Darating din ang araw na luluhod ang mga tala!! At magiging akin ang kahariang ito!! Hahahaha Rafonsil : Ahhhhh?lumuluhod din pala ang mga tala?? Ibig sabihin my paa sila?wew Scene 2 (Si Snow white sa Piling ng mga Duwende) Narrator : Sa kabilang dako?namuhay ng msaya si Snow kasama pitong duwende, wala nang naalala si Snow White tungkol sa kaniyang pagiging prinsesa dahil sa kape kundi ang alaala lamang ng kanyang kapatid na si Rafonsil?. (habang nagsasalita ay tinitingnan ng isang unano mula ulo hanggang paa) Binata 2 : Isang mahalimuyak na umaga sa iyo isang magandang dilag na nakatahan sa kubong ito..iyong mukha ay ipamasid sa akin oh binibining maputi?. Dwarf 1 : Snow White!! Lumabas kana my bisita ka iha!! Binata 2 : Nagsasalita ang punong kahoy na ito?ikaw talaga ay mahiwaga Snow White Dwarf1 : Hoy!! Anong punong kahoy?ako to hoy!! Binata 2 : Ay unano sa salawal?kayo pop ala, pasensya na po (lumabas ang isang babae na nakayuko at nakatalikod at naka talukbong) Binata 2 : Ikaw nab a yan Snow white?? (humarap ang babae na napala itim) Babae : oo ako na ito mahal koh?. Binata2 : Ahhhh??multo!! (lumabas si Snow White) Snow W : Kayo talaga, tinakot nyo ang tao? Dwarf 2 : Ahh..ehh!! Snow white?my tanong ako!! Bakit kaba maputi?? Naliligo kaba ng yelo?? Oh bumababad kaba sa chlorine?? Umiinom kaba ng suka?? Snow W : Ahahaha?isa hindi Isko,.isa lng ang sekreto ko kaya ako maputi Dwarf 3 : Anu yun snow white?? (nalaglag) Snow W : Gumagamit ako ng PERLA, sa murang halaga kutis mo ay gaganda, puputi ka tulad ng iyong laba, kaya lng pag sa araw ay masinagan masusunog ka?ahahahaha,,, Babae : ikaw mahal ko hindi mo ako tatanungin?? Dwarf 2 : Nge!! Maka alis na nga!! (kakanta si snow white-accompanied by Theatrical Group) Scene 3 (Ang Plano ni Inang Mangkukulam) Inang : Walang himala!! Mapapasa akin din ang kahariang ito!! Salamin gumising ka?wag kang tamad, Salamin : Oo gising na ako anu bah?an gaga-aga, nag iingay ka jan!! Inang Mng : Salamin?salamin ipakita sa akin kung nasaan si Snow White!! Salamin : hay naku busy ako inang mangkukulam, nag ttex boyfriend ko ohh!!... at saka hindi ako telebisyon?duhh, high-tech na ngayon, ayan oh projector?tingnan mo jan!! computerized yan,. Gogogo?lights camera action? (makikita si Snow white sa Screen) Inang Mng : Ayan!! Ahahahaha?nasaan ka Snow White!! At tila Masaya ka jan? Snow White : Ay naku hindi mo alam to??Nasa James R. Bilbao Sr. MNHS (BNHS-Tal Ext.) Ako anu bah?. Inang Mng : Naririnig mo ako snow white?? Snow W : Oo naman, anu ba..sasagot kaya ako kung hindi kita narinig?? Inang Mng : ha??eh diba ang role mo jan tatahimik ka lng?sino nag didirek jan sayo.., wala yata kayong script eih? Snow W : Eto ang nakalagay sa Script oh eto Ohh?uhhh Inang Mng : Ahhhh?ganun bah!! Pero hindi ako ang mag wawagi?sa akin ang huling halakhak?ahahahaha,. SnowW : Ok!! Deal ako jan?sige simulan mo na ang halakhak., dahil isang bala lang Inang Mng : Your nothing but a second great, trying hard, copy cut? Snow Asus : Bendita sige na bendita, sige ka papanget ka nyan, mag kakawrinkles ka bendita , dadami ang tagyawat mo sa ilong?.bendita? Inang Mng : Ahhhh (babatuhin ang Screen) (msg ?No Signal?) Salamin : Ay!! Wag mung batuhin humina tuloy ang signal!! Inang Mng : Tumahimik kah!! Ngayon salamin?sabihin mo sa akin kung sino ang mas maganda !!! Ako Oh Si Snow White??? Salamin : Back to Screen!!...woot,.. Salamin : Narito po tayo ngayon sa Planetang Earth para mag suri at magtanong sa mga tao!! Kung sino ba ang mas maganda!! Ang Inang mangkukulam o Si Snow White? (interview at least 15 people) Inang Mng : Wala kang silbi?bumalik ka ditto salamin!! Ahhhhh

Your simple Message as member of CSA org!!

Posted by jaymza on September 6, 2010 at 11:55 PM Comments comments (3)

A short view from the past, this organization was then established just to give chance the students to learn and enhance their knowledge in computer and all about it. But since time swifting so fast the organization had take another opportunity to engage not just in computer class and activity but in other aspects as well as in dealing with the other group or individuals. Some says,"It is so hard to call yourself a friend of everybody", in short the organization had occupy and fill in the empty activeness of the students. In continue of the goal we always assure the quality of the students of whom become a member of the Org. it is because most of its members are Top students, Outstanding and the Most active members of the institution (James R. Bilbao Sr. MNHS). 

The organization is also become the way to have an ICT training for the deserving students. The school and the organization's websites is also established because of the full support of the administration. The member had compete in some various competitions (ie. STEP competition, Inter-School Competition and etc.,) As our mission to mold and influence the student not just in hands-on but in many meaningful and sensible activities. The organization had broaden and widen its group through the merging with the TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education) club which is the main administrator of the Organization. And yet at the latest the organization had open the very first Theatrical and dance Play Productions Guild.  This group had been opened to all for them to be acknowledge and be molded more to develop their talents and skills.

May this simple whisper will be heard by the full care handed God that He may provide us all the needs that we may have in the future. To God be The Glory!





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